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Summary of missing person report (C. D. Hickey, reporting officer)

(Not official document in any way; see link in siggy for actual MPR. Have 24 hours to edit this post so if you see errors or want me to add something let me know.) I suggest snipping rather than quoting in entirety.

Date/Time Reported 10/19/2009 at 17:06 (5:06 p.m.)

Last Secure 15:10 (3:10) (last seen by siblings)

At found 16:00 (4 p.m.) (time Diena first realized Somer was missing)

The report also has entry for Weapons/Tools in which C. D. Hickey (as reporting officer) wrote hands/feet/teeth. Consensus was that these were the weapons available to Somer in case of foul play and had nothing to do with the condition in which Somer’s body was found as this report was created before Somer was found.

Somer left school and walked with AT-Female 10 and ST-Male 7 until sister confronts her about fight at school, then ran off ahead (they lose sight of her in group of kids).

Two siblings arrived home at about 3:10 without Somer. Friend, Sean P., had met Diena there for lunch that day (comes over often) and she asked him to stay with the kids that day (but not normal routine) sent AT-Female 10 to look for Somer. She returned 15 minutes later; he asked her to go search really well before he called her mom.

At around 4 p.m., Diena texted Sean and asked how the kids were doing. Sean texted back that Somer had not come home with the brother and sister. Diena said she was leaving work to search. She calls live-in boyfriend. C. Perry Currier at work and asks him to come help.

Diena stops at OPAA to pick up son AC-Male 13 (not AT as in report) and then flags down police (A. Coan) at corner of Gano and Floyd Circle West and they go to Thompson home. Perry arrives at house about 5 and takes AT-Male 7 with him to search. No report of where Diena, AC-Male 13, and AT-Female 10 are during this time.

LE identifies 10 people talked to: Juvenile (AT-Female 10), Sean, Perry, Tina J. (friend), Connie S. (daughter is friend), Alfred G., Taurus Y., Susan C., Claire G. and Clayton W. G. (this is later reported as case of mistaken identify, but CWG is SO. Not sure who gave name of person as CWG.)

Hickey talks to AT-Female 10 who tells him Somer was in fight at school and on way home she confronted Somer about it. Somer runs off, upset. Last seen at Gano and Solomon. Hickey searched residence but did not find Somer. Searched Grove Park, where he encountered Connie S., whose daughter last saw Somer at Gano and Grove Park Drive.

Unrelated sleuthing by other WSers determined SP was linked to Indigo Child (Google)
Unrelated sleuthing by other WSers determined CWG was SO.

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